Keystone XL Will Move Ethical Oil Safely

The business of stopping infrastructure and development projects has become just that; a business.  

Stop fear-mongering about pipeline

So, saying the KXL would have a "high potential to contaminate," or that it would be "damaging to our air and our world," turns this more into an elementary debate than a serious conversation.  

TransCanada will build safe pipeline

Today's technology has greatly changed and improved the infrastructures and monitoring of pipelines. Today's pipelines are bored deeper underground (25 to 40 feet under the rivers) and stronger materials are used with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.  

America Needs More Pipelines

Better pipeline infrastructure will reduce oil and gas transportation costs and improve safety.  

U.S. Oil Lures Fastest Growing Guzzler as Arbitrage Opens Up

A type of U.S. crude pumped in the Gulf of Mexico is proving to be more attractive in the fastest-growing oil market compared with Middle East staples that are on offer.  

Is energy 'dominance' the right goal for US policy?

In recent weeks, a new energy buzzword has taken flight from Washington, D.C., making stops in Alaska, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and more: "American energy dominance."  

Study: Fracing, saltwater disposal have limited seismic impact

Research from a University of Alberta geophysicist suggests hydraulic fracturing and saltwater disposal have limited impact on seismic events.  

Clogged oil arteries slow U.S. shale rush to record output

A gallon of gasoline that allows a driver on the U.S. East Coast to travel about 25 miles has already navigated thousands of miles from an oil field to one of the world's largest fuel markets.