Oil prices likely to stay low following market correction, Billings experts say

Local industry and investment experts said Monday they expect continued struggles for the oil and gas industry following sub-$40-a-barrel prices and big drops in Wall Street stocks across the board.



Guest Opinion: Lift U.S. oil export ban to lower fuel prices

It"s time for our elected leaders in Washington to work together support legislation to lift the ban on crude oil exports.



Oil Export Drive Gains in Senate Though Action Won't Be Swift

A possible Senate breakthrough to end the wrongheaded crude oil export ban?



Fredericks: Lift the crude oil export ban

What kind of world do we live in, where America's leaders try to give Iran better international trading terms than we provide our own petroleum producers?



For the sake of jobs, lift the ban on exporting U.S. oil

The United States recently overtook Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world's leading oil and natural gas producer.



Business, oil groups call for end of export ban at Billings forum

Facing low prices and a supply glut, oil industry executives called for an end to a 40-year-old federal ban on crude oil exports during a Billings forum Thursday.



Time to Lift the Oil Export Ban

Today, there is only one major product the U.S. bans from export. Surprisingly, it is a product in which the U.S. is nearly self-sufficient.



The U.S. is not opening the tap on crude oil exports

A planned deal to swap Mexican crude for lighter and more expensive U.S. oil is just a drop in the bucket toward ending a 40-year ban.



An antiquated oil export ban

As part of the new nuclear agreement, the Iranian energy industry will be allowed to export its oil. If only America was so lucky.



Guest Opinion: Murkowski's minerals bill a perfect fit for enrgy package

With an unemployment rate still higher than pre-recession levels, Montana needs its lawmakers to take a stand on policies that will create jobs, support the economy and grow industries vital to our communities. I agree with Murkowski that the addition of the minerals bills enhances the larger Senate energy package. It's crucial now that the rest of the Senate, including our own Tester and Daines, follows her lead and lends their support for this legislation. Doing so will be a clear win for Montana and the rest of the country.