House Plans to Vote on Keystone XL Bill Friday

The US House of Representatives is planning to vote Friday on legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline, It will be the tenth time since 2011 that the GOP-controlled chamber has passed measures approving the pipeline, which has been under review by the Obama administration for more than six years. The Senate is expected to begin consideration of a similar bill on Wednesday...



While Keystone XL debate flares, other pipelines quietly progress

Like a lot of other dramatic bluster coming south out of Canada this winter, the Keystone XL pipeline stands poised for its big approval fight this month.



Let Keystone XL move forward

In his latest remarks on the Keystone XL pipeline President Obama repeated the dubious claim that the Canadian oil it will carry will be mostly shipped abroad with only "nominal" benefit for American consumers.



Oil may boom, but infrastructure is busting Montana counties

Any conversation about infrastructure seems to start and end with Eastern Montana. Cities, towns and counties there are grappling with explosive growth from workers coming to the region for jobs in the Bakken oil formation along the Montana-North Dakota border.



Energy Company plans diesel, natural gas plants in N.D., Montana

A Williston-based energy company has plans to roll out at least four plants in the Bakken region that would refine crude into diesel and strip natural gas liquids from oil. The company describes the energy centers as clean technology plants that will capture carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery and have a natural gas stripping capacity of at least 100,000 barrels. By stripping natural gas from crude oil, the company says it improves the value of the crude and reduces the volatility of the crude for safer transport.



Keystone XL Pipeline: Facts are Facts

It seems as though the polarization of the United States is increasing. As issues continue to emerge, the spin is spun and citizens of this once united nation find themselves at odds with neighbors, friends, coworkers and even family. One recent issue involves the passage of the Keystone XL pipeline.



Guest Opinion: Montana's Kevin Dome could be new wave of clean air technology

When challenges come our way, we can turn our backs, we can stick our heads in the sand, or we can look for the hidden opportunities. I'm proud to serve a city that always looks for silver linings' and I'm proud that our governor does the same.



China to Place Limit on Coal Use in 2020

Last week, President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China announced a joint pledge to cut or limit carbon dioxide emissions from his country. China said it would reach an emissions peak 'around 2030' and energy from sources other than fossil fuels would make up 20 percent of the total mix by that year. That announcement was praised by environmental advocates as a significant political move by the two nations



Gazette Opinion: Taking a closer look at Montana's stake in Keystone XL approval

Seven Eastern Montana counties, from Phillips on the Canada border to Fallon at the South Dakota border, will see significant increases in their property tax bases from the pipeline. This is an area that has seen growing demand for local government services because of the Bakken oil boom, but tax revenues from the boom have not come close to covering extra costs for infrastructure and public safety. The pipeline will help pay for those costs



Shale Revolution: Opportunity To Jump-Start Economic Growth

Will the U.S. shale boom turn out to be a bust? The recent decline in oil prices has left some questioning whether it can be sustained.