Why $100 Oil Won't Be Coming Back for a Long Time

A growing consensus is emerging from the likes of BP Plc, the International Energy Agency, shale wildcatters and even the Saudis that a near-term recovery to $100-a-barrel crude isn't in the cards. Instead, expect a range of $50 to $60 for at least the next few years.



Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, Defying GOP

Defying the Republican-run Congress, President Barack Obama rejected a bill Tuesday to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, wielding his veto power for only the third time in his presidency.



As White House confirms plan to veto Keystone XL, five facts about its status

An attempt to force U.S. President Barack Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline is being rebuffed, with the White House confirming that the president will veto a pro-Keystone bill, the first legislation of its kind passed by Congress.



AFP Urges White House Not To Veto Keystone XL

Americans for Prosperity launched a massive campaign to urge President Obama not to veto the Keystone XL Pipeline project. They’ve mobilized 2.3 million of their grassroots activists to call the White House switchboard...



Gazette Opinion: Signs of optimism on state aid for oil patch

The plight of oil patch communities needs to be top of mind for Montana lawmakers. Even if the boom goes bust, communities with failing water and sewer systems need help urgently. They will need more help if local government revenues decline Let's keep those lines of communication open and move forward with infrastructure upgrades in oil patch towns and other communities across our great state in 2015.



Congress clears Keystone XL pipeline bill, setting up veto

Passage sets up standoff with Obama, who has vowed to veto measure.



Game Change: U.S. Oil Revolution Has Torn Up the Rule Book

Last year, the United States far outpaced every other country in the world in boosting oil production.



Lift The Ban On Oil And Gas Exports And Strengthen The US

Falling oil prices threaten to slow the US drilling boom. The downturn has also increased calls to lift the ban on exporting oil and natural gas from the US - an outdated policy that should be changed.



Voice of the Reader: Keystone will replace other imported crude with Canadian oil

Matthew John of TransCanada writes a responce to 2 letters in the Gazette on Deb. 2nd.



Retired energy exec: No bust in the Bakken

Oil field spending is 30% of all investment in U.S. economy, officials say. Bill Whitsitt was the keynote speaker at the University of Montana's 40th annual economic outlook seminar at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Billings.