Brown Approves California Regulations on Oil Fracking

California Governor Jerry Brown, preparing the state for development of the largest shale-oil reserves in the U.S., signed into law regulations for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a process that has been criticized by environmental groups.



Daines to Testify Before House Committee on Need to Build Keystone XL Pipeline

Congressman Steve Daines will testify Thursday, September 19 before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing titled "Keystone's Red Tape Anniversary: Five Years of Bureaucratic Delay and Economic Benefits Denied."



Five Years is Long Enough! Approve Keystone XL Pipeline

Five years ago, TransCanada asked the federal government to approve a permit to build a pipeline to move Canadian oil sands crude and oil from the Bakken region to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. 74% of Americans support building the Keystone XL pipeline!



As Bakken oil-gas field work steadily grows, state must adapt

The oil-and-gas boom in far Eastern Montana has shifted to a steadier, more sustainable growth mode --- but it still needs government investment in everything from higher education to infrastructure to help it along, industry officials and others said here Monday.



Baucus announces Canadian trade mission to the Bakken

Montana's senior U.S. Senator Max Baucus took the stage at the Montana Economic Development Summit with Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer in Butte this morning to announce a trade mission from Manitoba this November that will bring Canadian companies to the oil region in eastern Montana Nov. 6-7.



Canadian energy minister: Keystone XL decision unlikely this year

Add Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver to the list of people who don't expect a White House decision on the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline this year. Oliver, in an interview with Reuters, called approval this year unlikely.



Obama's ex-climate czar: Canadian CO2 offer would 'change the debate' on Keystone

Carol Browner, President Obama's former climate czar, said Monday that Canada could boost the odds of winning White House approval of the Keystone XL pipeline by offering fresh greenhouse gas reductions.



Keystone soon will carry crude through Texas, with or without Obama

The president has delayed it. Protesters tried to stop it. But the Keystone XL pipeline is approaching a major finishing line anyway, setting the stage for a rush of new oil to move through Texas. The southern leg of Keystone XL is more than 90 percent complete and will be shipping oil through Texas by the end of the year, pipeline owner Trans-Canada says.



New Study Says Fracking Doesn't Contribute to Clobal Warming

A groundbreaking study eases fears that the process at the heart of the U.S. energy booms contributes significantly to climate change.



API's Greco discusses Congress' latest moves to reform renewable fuels policy

As the Office of Management and Budget reviews U.S. EPA's proposal for 2014 renewable fuel volumes, Congress continues to debate a legislative fix to the policy.