Disclosures show heavy oil train traffic through West, Midwest

Disclosures from railroads about volatile oil shipments from the Northern Plains show dozens of the trains passing weekly through Illinois and the Midwest and up to 19 a week reaching Washington state on the West Coast.



N.D. produces 1M barrels of oil per day

North Dakota has joined the ranks of the few places in the world that produce more than a million barrels of oil per day, due in large part to the rich Bakken shale formation in the western part of the state.



Guest Opinion: New EPA rules would hurt coal-producing states

The Obama administration unveiled new regulations on June 2 to restrict the amount of carbon dioxide produced by existing power plants. While we agree that America needs to balance energy needs with environmental concerns, the timing of this effort could hardly be worse for the struggling U.S. economy.



Gazette Opinion: Health, jobs matter in writing emissions rules

Much as regulation is feared and reviled, the energy market is changing outside the regulatory framework. Several years ago, natural gas was the more expensive fuel for genrationg electricity and coal was king. Recently, the situation has reversed.



Guest opinion: Greenhouse gas proposals cause more pain than gain

Worse, the regulations actually work against the objective of solving climate change. That's because the regulations represent a de facto ban on developing clean coal technology in the United States.



Guest Column: Coal an intriguing beauty of self-regulated efficiency

Coal is a beautiful thing. While hated by environmentalists, it is an intriguing commodity that has advanced society tremendously throughout human history. Geologically, coal represents the atmospheres' incredible ability to self-regulate itself for maximum efficiency. During the Early Carboniferous when most of the earth's coal developed, CO2 levels in the atmosphere were 1,500 ppm. Without the formation of coal and the natural removal of CO2, we would not exist today. And without coal, our basic needs of electricity and steel would still not be met.



Voice of the Reader: Pipeline will eliminate train dangers

Fran Weber of Laurel voices her opinion on the dangers of trains and tank cars and building the Keystone XL pipeline.



New Technology For Cleaning Frac Water Gets Positive Marks in Water Quality Test

"Our patented technologies greatly improve the methodology of removing contaminants from oil field wastewater, and compared with current methods, it is more cost effective, and can be done onsite," said Jeff Soward, President of ARANA Water Technologies.



Kentucky-based Ramaco plans new coal mine near Sheridan

A Kentucky-based firm is developing plans to open a new coal mine northwest of Sheridan in 2016



Secrecy of Oil-by-Train Shipments Causes Concern Across the U.S.

Crude-by-Rail Has Jumped in Shale Boom, but Towns en Route Don't Get Data They Need for Safety