Rail cars used to ship oil called 'unacceptable risk'

Cars voluntarily upgraded may not be sufficient, federal official says.



Report: Keystone contractor followed federal rules

The State Department's inspector general says a contractor that helped write an environmental review of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline complied with federal rules regarding possible conflict of interest.



Feds issue emergency order on oil shipments

Hauling crude by rail comes under more stringent rules, excluding some cars.



9 schools gets grant money to address impact of oil, natural gas production in district

Helena, MT - The Office of Public Instruction has announced nine grants totaling nearly $450,000 to school districts impacted by oil and natural gas production.



Group of Legislators, Labor, Business, National Security Leaders Call for Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline

Following the release of the State Department's fifth and final environmental impact statement... many U.S. Senators and US Representatives... labor and business leaders... call on President to approve pipeline.



State Department releases Keystone XL final environmental impact statement

The State Department concluded in its final environmental assessment issued Friday that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would not significantly alter global greenhouse gas emissions...



In North Dakota, derailment strengthens push for piplines

The explosive derailment of an oil train near Casselton last month has North Dakota's senators pushing harder than ever for expanded oil pipelines.



David Ignatius: All-the-above energy boom pays off for America

In the energy marketplace, President Obama's vision of an "all of the above" strategy is actually happening. Production of oil, gas and alternative energy is rising, even as demand begins falling for these energy sources -- all thanks to new technology. The market forces driving these changes are so powerful that even politicians probably canít screw them up.



API's Gerard Delivers Annual State of American Energy Address

API President and CEO Jack Gerard delivered his annual State of American Energy address on January 7th, focusing on the impact of future policy decisions on America's energy revolution.



NTSB investigating derailment; mayor calls for change in fueltransportation

Crude oil threat: N. Dakota mayor wants feds to ensure safety of rail trasportation. Government regulators defend record, despite major accidents in 2013.