Trump signs executive order to streamline environmental reviews

"No longer will we tolerate one job-killing delay after another. No longer will we accept a broken system that benefits consultants and lobbyists at the expense of hard-working Americans."



Gasoline prices continue to climb

Gasoline prices in Texas and nationwide continue to spike, but they're unlikely to grow much higher in the final weeks of the summer.



North American Oil & Natural Gas Industry Positions on NAFTA

The 750+ member companies of AMEXHI, CAPP and API support free trade and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that removes barriers, promotes market-oriented policies and creates opportunities for commercial growth and job creation.



Study: US oil, gas industry supported 10.3 million jobs in 2015

The US oil and gas industry's total employment impact to the national economy in 2015, combining operational and capital investment impacts, amounted to 10.3 million full-time and part-time jobs and accounted for 5.6% of total US employment...



How U.S. natural gas will help countries meet their Paris commitments

While critics bemoan President Trump's decision to pull out of - or renegotiate - the Paris climate agreement, the United States has been reducing its greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade. And now the country is poised to help a number of the signatory countries reduce theirs as well.



Pipeline Safety Compliance Training

The U.S. Department of Transportation's (US DOT) Transportation Safety Institute conducts Pipeline Safety Compliance Training specially designed for the energy industry.



Keystone XL Will Move Ethical Oil Safely

The business of stopping infrastructure and development projects has become just that; a business.



Stop fear-mongering about pipeline

So, saying the KXL would have a "high potential to contaminate," or that it would be "damaging to our air and our world," turns this more into an elementary debate than a serious conversation.



TransCanada will build safe pipeline

Today's technology has greatly changed and improved the infrastructures and monitoring of pipelines. Today's pipelines are bored deeper underground (25 to 40 feet under the rivers) and stronger materials are used with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.



America Needs More Pipelines

Better pipeline infrastructure will reduce oil and gas transportation costs and improve safety.