GUEST COLUMN: Offshore Energy Development Offers Huge Employment Potentioal

When the discussion turns to jobs, we would all do well to remember that there is an industry that is already creating good jobs in America. Freed from unnecessary constraints, the offshore energy industry is prepared to generate many more employment opportunities that will help turn around the American employment picture.



BNSF CEO says oil-by-rail hauling will continue, even with Keystone XL Pipeline

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad will continue shipping millions of barrels of crude oil from the prolific Bakken oil play even if the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is built, BNSF's chief executive told a Billings audience.



Wyoming DEQ: Pavillion gas field air quality tests clean

Data from a monitor near the Pavillion natural gas field in central Wyoming showed no problems with air quality, according to results of a Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality study.



Montana oil lease sale could mark Bakken expansion

Bakken play may be moving into McCone County. Texas company buys up 75K acres of oil leases and has its eye on Garfield County, too.Sam Tallis of Shale Exploration says his company wants to amass leases on about 200,000 acres ub McCone anbd Garfield counties.



U.S. may soon become world's top oil producer

NEW YORK -- U.S. oil output is surging so fast that the United States could soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest producer.



America's New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the US Economy

Across America's widening energy landscape, the economic impacts of unconventional oil and natural gas are increasingly discernible. These effects are visible within the energy value chain and are extending into the broader reaches of the US economy. The focus of this research series is to assess the evolving economic contributions of unconventional oil and natural gas development activity. This study seeks to quantify how unconventional activity creates economic value in the broader economy through an examination of the exploration and production activity.



Guest Opinion: Who will pay for development in oil boom towns?

Jerry Navratil, Sidney's city attorney writes a guest opinion in the October 20th Billings Gazette. Hw writes that this articel is not intended to be an argument against development. Nor is it in any way intended to disparage developers. They fulfill a need otherwise unmet when economic development from oil and gas exploration impacts a city. Large numbers of individuals are arriving at our doorstep, already working or seeking work in oil-related jobs and associated service providers in the community who are looking for the housing and the services that economic development can offer



Pie in the skies for veterans

Dozens of World War II veterans gathered Tuesday afternoon at Perkins restaurant in downtown Billings and helped kick off a pie drive that will help send a third group of veterans on a Big Sky Honor Flight in May.



Voice of the reader: Kennedy has interest of community at heart

I have tried to stay apolitical, a fence sitter as you may call it. At this time I am going to have to speak up not only for a public servant but for a man that has been very active in community service. Bill Kennedy has definitely walked the walk. He truly believes in what he is doing both as a county commissioner and an active caring citizen of Yellowstone County.



Voice of the reader: Tester deliberates, seeks maeningful compromise

I have been watching the candidates for the U.S. Senate over the years, attending "listening sessions," debates and public appearances and keeping up with the legislative history of both candidates. Based on this information, I am a strong supporter of Jon Tester for the United States Senate.