Baucus tells Montana Legislature goals include more help for vets

U.S. Sen. Max Baucus is announcing priorities that include more help for jobless veterans, energy development and renewed focus on fixing the nation's debt. Baucus was home Thursday speaking to the Montana Legislature, which convened this week for its once-every-other-year session. The state's senior senator is up for re-election in 2014.



Bi-fuel vehicles gaining speed

Detroit is beginning to produce vehicles that can run on both natural gas and regular gasoline. Anyone who has natural gas service in their home can tap off the same gas line to gas up their vehicle - at least until more commercial natural gas stations are established. Those facts make shale natural gas even more important to states that can produce it.



FrackNation Filmakers on Voice of Montana

Tune in or listen online to Voices of Montana tomorrow, January 16th at 9:00am, MST to learn more about FrackNation from the film makers themselves. 9:00am, MST.



Matt Damon's 'Promised Land' fuels a real-world battle over 'fracking'

The new Matt Damon film 'Promised Land' is giving voice to critics of natural gas production, but the film faces opposition too as "fracking" goes Hollywood. The movie arrives in the middle of political and regulatory battles over fracking, the controversial oil-and-gas development method that's enabling a U.S. production boom. The Beltway has taken notice as green groups highlight the movie and conservatives attack it.



New Oil and Natural Gas Study Weighs Economic Benefits for States

A new IHS Study measures economic benefits of Unconventional Oil and Gas Production for each State in the United States Lower 48.



Land board approves Keystone lease

HELENA -- Montana is approving easements to let the Keystone XL pipeline cross state-owned land, including the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers. The Land Board chaired by Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Monday sold a package of 50-year easements to TransCanada for $741,000.



Bakken boom making big impact on Billings Businesses

To visualize the economic impact to Billings of the Bakken oil boom, you can watch the oil field trucks rumble by or you can track subtler clues. Private jets lined up on the tarmac. Rolex watches and diamonds flying out of jewelry stores. And record sales of new trucks and cars.



Booming Bakken: Oil flurry spreads across Eastern Montana

EASTERN MONTANA -- Like wagon trains of yesteryear, the traffic tells the tale of the Bakken oil boom. Semitrailers haul sand, liquid nitrogen, pipe, tanks and modular homes across Montana to the oil fields and change the prairie night sky.“When you drive down the interstate from Billings to Miles City or Glendive, all you see is traffic at night. It’s almost like the outskirts of Minneapolis,” said Mike Coryell, head of Miles City Economic Development Council.



Montana reviews pipeline easement request

HELENA -- The Montana Land Board is preparing to sell easements to a Canadian company so that the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline can run through the state as it crosses some of Montana's most important rivers. The board meets Monday to consider selling 50-year easements to TransCanada for $741,000. The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation said it believes the up-front payment is the fair market value for such a lease and similar to what private landholders are getting



Montana Land Board to act on oil pipeline easements

Members of the Montana Land Board on Monday will consider granting easements across state land where TransCanada Keystone Pipeline plans to bury a 36-inch oil pipeline.