OSHA and NIOSH issue hazard alert for silica exposure in fracking operations

OSHA and NIOSH issued an alert that outlines the health hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing and focuses specifically on exposures to airborne silica.



Group has $40 million grant to turn forest waste into fuel for jets

MISSOULA - The future of Pacific Northwest forests may lie in the stuff loggers now leave behind. That's the bet the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance has made in networking a roomful of professors, business leaders and government officials to turn wood waste into jet fuel. They're working through a $40 million federal grant to envision all the mills, pipelines, refineries, outreach programs, permits and spinoffs the industry could create.



No credible evidence of fracking contamination

In more than 60 years, there has not been a single confirmed case of hydraulic fracturing contaminating groundwater. There is no credible evidence to suggest that record of safety has been or will be compromised, here in Montana or anywhere else in the United States



Video: Baucus urges Washington to follow Montana's example on energy

Montana's senior U.S. Senator Max Baucus highlighted Montana's diverse energy resources at a hearing in his Finance Committee.



Guest Opinions: Canada will pursue trade with China regardless of U.S. energy policies

John W. Maxwell who chairs the Department of Business Economics and Public Policy at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, 1309 E. 10th St., in Blomington Ind. 47405 writes a Guest Opinion in the Friday edition of the Billings Gazette and says: "building the pipeline will provide economic benefits at little or no environmental costs since Canadians will sell their oil regardless and so the eventual decision to proceed with the pipeline is almost inevitable."



Guest Opinions: Policy that shuns Canadian oil will push U.S. ally into the arms of China

Andrew Morriss a professor at the University of Alabama, 101 Paul W. Bryant Drive E., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35487; email: amorriss@law.ua.edu says: "Canada is one of our oldest allies and best trading partners. "Defriending" Canada on energy is not in our national interest - militarily, economically or environmentally."