Balanced Energy

America now occupies a position of energy leadership that was unthinkable a short time ago. These developments are strengthening America's energy and economic security and benefiting tens of millions of individuals. With both American and world energy demand expected to increase in the future, the continued availability of the full range of America’s energy resources will continue to grow in importance.


Good for Montana

Montana's rich energy resources hold the potential to make us a leader in American energy production.



America's energy boom provides a unique opportunity for the U.S to create even more jobs, and save energy, for Americans by updating our nation's energy infrastructure.


Natural Gas


Keystone XL Pipeline

President Trump approved the Keystone XL Pipeline. Now it is up to the states.


National Energy Issues

There are many challenges confronting our nation as we strive for economic and energy security, such as increased energy taxes, limits on domestic access and increased regulations, infrastructure concerns such as pipelines, and refining.